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Conversion-focused branding

We develop complete attraction and recruitment universes in order to brand your organisation and secure conversion. Not simply conversion – but the right conversion, which we know creates better and longer-lasting results. Using your identity, culture and values, we tell stories that will attract the right young talent.

The third step in our model is Branding & Conversion. In this phase, we make sure that we are converting and attracting the correct candidates. Get assistance in setting up and running a Youtube strategy, campaign website, in addition to producing pictures or videos that communicate your brand values.

Strategy & Insights


Identify & storytelling
KPIs & targets

Advertising & Awareness


Social media

Branding & Conversion


Text, photo & video content
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Nurturing & Clarification


Applicant screening & tracking
Talent pipeline
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Branding & conversion concepts

Here you find an excerpt of our services in Branding & Conversion:

  • Messages and identity, to be tested in the target group
  • Visual identity
  • Attraction platforms (websites, career pages, etc.)
  • Storytelling (video, photos, text, etc.)

A range of these services are carried out through our easy-to-use software that makes it simple and quick to create a customised attraction universe.

We have built over 200 attraction universes, each with finding the right match as the focus. We do our best to tell authentic, attractive stories with the right triggers in order to influence today’s youth’s decisions.

“Our collaboration with CompanYoung was initiated in 2012 when we needed a branding platform for our HTX education (higher technical youth education). We had a phenomenal experience with CompanYoung’s target group experts, who helped develop the identity ‘Brains, Talent, Xperiment’ that is now the foundation for our profiling of HTX.”

Helle Mølbach Rubien, Marketing Manager, Tech College Aalborg

Noticable attraction strenghtens every organisation

An efficient attraction platform attracts the right young people, which is important because if the wrong candidates are attracted it can cause retention issues. Therefore, we always start off on the base of candidate profiles that are ideal for your organisation.

12 hours
the amount of time a young person uses on research before making a decision
of organisations don't test their messages in the target group
of applicants have visited the website before making a decision

We know today’s youth

Our Branding & Conversion team has years of experience in communicating the right messages in the right way. We know what the young people go through during their decision making process, and that knowledge is used when we build attraction platforms.

If you are interested in knowing more about our services, you are more than welcome to contact us.

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Do your visual effects affect recruitment?

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